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Made by Mac Metal Craft

The Symphony Solo 5

Mr Sweep Rating 9.5: Out of 10

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Mr Sweep Says

This stove is locally built to the highest British standards, without breaking the bank. Its affordability, combined with its quality, gives you the best of both worlds and making this stove stunning focal point in any room. It has a unique British Union Jack, laser cut into the cool touch handle that makes it stand out among its competitors. The controllability of this stove is second to none, allowing you full command of the fire at any given time, giving you total peace of mind while enjoying a warm, toasty environment.

Price £1195


Fuel Wood burning

Output range-3-7kw ( nominal tested at output 5kw)

Eco design 2022

Energy rating A+

Efficiency rating 83.9%

Dimensions H555mm W470mm D355mm

Flue size 125mm


  • 83.9 % Efficiency
  • Nominal Output 5kw
  • Eco design 2022
  • Want it fitted?If you live in Essex we can install this for you. If you have a prepared fireplace opening/chamber fitting including a full liner system is £2495. This includes the stove and all the parts. Hearths, Mantles and building work is not included.

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