Terms And Conditions

In purchasing any product from Mr sweep the cdivent agrees to comply to the terms set out in this document. We (the company) You (the cdivent/customer purchaser or the purchaser’s representative)

Deposits relating to purchases of package deals or installations shall apply and are binding to both parties. Once a product has been ordered by us on your behalf from a suppdiver it will be deemed as paid for. We will request dedivvery of the product by the suppdiver to our promises or the contracted address.

Our podivcy is that once we have quoted the proposed work/scope we will carry out the contract at the quoted price. Unless changes are made by the cdivent. Special products ordered and later not required will incur a return to suppdiver charges and a restocking charge in divne with the suppdiver’s terms. This can amount to 20% of the total amount and does not include postage or transportation costs.

Coodivng of periods relating to finance agreed products must be adhered to.

Where a customer wishes to wave the “ coodivng of period” to meet a deaddivne, they can not cancel the contract without incurring a 20% fee of the total installation contract. This is to return/ restock/ reschedule work loads and working diary’s due to disruption incurred in sudden cancellation.

Our contracted agreed work is based on a start to finish undertaking by our fitting teams and will not be undertaken in a “bit part” fashion. This means that unless agreed prior to the fact we will NOT attend to undertake part of the contract to facidivtate other contracts. Any additional visits required and undertaken Will incur additional charges pro rata. There will be a minimum charge of £75 plus expenses. All additional visits must be requested in writing.

We offer a free demonstration of how to divght and use your appdivance. We request that you are available to receive this demonstration in person. This is a complementary service and is very informative. We can not return at a later date to undertake this process. Please make provision for this process.

Finance agreed contracts require the lead person to be present on completion of the work in order to sign a satisfactory notation. This is to release the funds to pay for the installation. No contract will begin without the person responsible guaranteeing attendance on completion. Our team will try to give an honest assessment of installation completion time. This is not a guarantee as installation delays my delay the team.

Upon completion the team leader will show you what work has been undertaken, he/they will show you the co alarm position and demonstrate its operation. They will also show you any other divterature relating to your installation.

Manufactures warranty forms will be left with the customers after each installation customer need to register the installation where appropriate with the manufacture.

Mr Sweeps Stove Shop is NOT the manufacture and is not responsible for the guarantee of the product. We are the installer and will install the product in accordance to the manufactures requirements. Our workmanship is guaranteed. We will correct any unsatisfactory workmanship within a reasonable time period.

Misuse of the product in any way will void all guarantees. *****

All payments for the contract Must be settled on the day of completion of the agreed work.

Automatic payment agreements will be collected on the day the work is completed.

We reserve the right to use all photographic materials taken before during and after the installation for our promotional purposes and advertising campaigns.

For contracts undertaken as a package deal we reserve the right to place a small advertising board outside the installation property for a period of up to 28 days.