Good as new!

Does your stove look tired? Are you thinking about getting a new one? Is it starting to look as tired as this one?

We’ll happily supply and fit one of our new stoves for you of course, but maybe you actually love your existing one, it’s just a little too far past it’s “use by” date. We can help here too, with our Premier Restoration Service.

One of our highly skilled engineers will come to your home and expertly uninstall your stove and transport it back to our workshop. There our technicians will lovingly restore your stove back to its former glory!

Think in terms of the BBC series “The Repair shop” and you’ll get a feel for the effort we put in to restoring your stove. Here is the list of the main steps we go through to restore your stove.

The big strip down

First we give the stove a thorough clean, inside and out, before it goes into our workshop. This ensures no contaminates in the workshop atmosphere, to eliminate the risk of particles adhering to the unit and spoiling the finish.

Then we completely strip the stove down to all its constituent components. Ever last nut, bolt, rivet, screw and panel, the lot is broken down.

Component inspection

All of these components are then scrupulously cleaned again and then fully inspected, to ensure they are as good as new. Any traces of rust and carbonisation are fully removed, so the component is at least as good as new.

Component replacement

Many of these components will not be restorable and will be replaced with new. These typically include stoves ropes, seals, gaskets, glass, nuts and bolts etc. These components are acquired from the original manufacturer where possible, we have a great relationship with the vast majority of them, which makes this part easy for us. Where this is simply not possible, out ingenious engineers will frequently be able to fabricate what’s needed.

Refinishing and reassembly

Finally, the stove is carefully rebuilt. All components we prepared and finished as we go along. Whether the original finish was sprayed, blacked, coated or whatever, we use the same finishing technique to keep you stove authentic and looking fabulous!

Once this is completed and you stove not only looks like new, but is ready to function as efficiently as if it was a new stove! Then one of our engineers will bring the stove back to your home and reinstall it. They’ll fully test it and ensure that it is indeed functioning like a new stove, before ensuring your home is left spick and span, or at least as clean and tidy as we found it and your stove looking like this.

Leaving you to fall back in love with your log burner, all over again and all for a fraction of the cost of a new stove! Another great service available through Mr Sweeps Stove Shop.