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Here Chris AKA Mr Sweep demonstrates how to light a log burner. This is the first of 2 videos.

Chris finishes off his demonstration of how to efficiently light your log burner.

Fire Heaven

Live fire

This video details why wood burning stoves are not being banned.

Mr Sweeps Stove shop debunks the myth, we can build you a real fire nearly anywhere if you have the space.

Powerful airwash that aids the clean burning of the stove to produce the High Definition (HD) flame picture. Optional external air kit for direct connection to the outside, potentially eliminating the need for fixed ventilators in houses built after 2008. Unique in-house developed hybrid prism baffle system. High-quality cast ceramic firebox liners that are self-cleaning, hardwearing and very attractive. SIA Ecodesign certified, DEFRA exempt for burning wood logs in smokeless zones, and clearSkies Level 5 certified 3.9-7.1kW operating range as standard, 3.9-7.5kW operating range for the wide Full-sized cast iron door with curved or square door styling choice Choice of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm leg heights, log store, and canopy options Convector Stove Technology Multi-Fuel capability