Have you bought your own stove?

Fitting from £1500

Standard fitting based on a 3 bed semi detached home.

Fitting includes

Terms & Conditions

We have not included any building or alterations of the builders opening. Fitting is based on the customer having a clear chimney with current chimney sweeps certificate. The customers hearth must comply to the stove manufacturer’s requirements, or Part J of building regulations. Ventilation requirements for the chosen stove must be in place. Distance to combustible materials must be adhered to in-order to comply with current regulations. The stove warrantee is the responsibility of the purchaser. Fitting equipment and flue components must be supplied by Mr Sweeps Stove Shop. We reserve the right to refuse fitting equipment not supplied by us. Any building work carried out by third parties is not the responsibility of Mr Sweeps stove shop. Any materials supplied and or installed prior to work our work commencement will be solely the responsibility of the customer. All boarding materials to inner chamber area must be A1 rated fire protection. All wood mantles must be fitted to the correct distance to combustible materials above the stove, or removed prior to work commencing by ourselves.

All costs are ex VAT and a 50% deposit paid on order.