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Made by Contura

The Contura C870 Style

Mr Sweep Rating 10: Out of 10

Heat output


Mr Sweep Says

My First 10/10 stove. The RED DOT award says that this stove is the best in the world, frankly i agree. The pedestal style just gives it that bit more height, making the sculptured look captivating even when its not on.

Price £2210


This stunning stove will heat a space 120 Square meters. Its fuel consumption is amazing, as its re-burning combustion chamber gets the max out of every log. Full screen of flame that can be controlled with a simple touch of the sliding leaver discreetly placed under the stove gives a really satisfying feeling.

The 870 has a tall elegance, and a display of dancing, silent, hypnotic flames, that provides a display of natures TV in a piece of engineered sculpture. This exceptional from Contura.


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