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Made by Contura

The The Contura 810:1 Style

Mr Sweep Rating 9.5: Out of 10

Heat output


Mr Sweep Says

There is no Doubt Scandinavia produces the most sophisticated Classy log burners. IMO Contura are by far the best in the buisnes. The level of design and engineering is streets ahead of the anything else on the market.

Price £2080


Fuel type- Wood burning

Output range-3-7kw (nominal tested output 5kw)

Optional soft close option

Energy Rating A*

Efficiency 81%

Dimensions H950mm W465mm D365mm

Net weight 80kg


  • More than just the best designed stove in the world, the 800 Style stoves are a staple in cosy houses all across Europe 🔥 RED DOT award winner 2020 makes this stove the BEST STOVE IN THE WORLD This Wood burner will heat a space up to 120 sq meters. It is totally customer controllable. Once it is lit and warmed up, the stove can be turned up and down filling the glass with a stunning flame view, or a lazy slow hypnotising display that will totally relax you and help you wind down from the daily grind. this is truly natures TV. Using the correct fuel will make the burn time last significantly longer than any other appliance on the market. On a test in our showroom 3 logs lasted over 5 hours in burn time. estimated cost...... £1.50 Quality and economical wood burning stoves are a hard to find, with this brand you can rest assured both of the afore mentioned are abundant. Even when these stoves are not being used their ascetic beauty has a sculpture like presence. At Mr Sweeps Stove shop we honestly recommend these stoves as they are quite simply the best in the World, with the RED DOT Awards to back it up. The price point is excellent compared with other Scandinavian company's.
  • Nominal Output 5kW
  • 81% Efficiency
  • Eco design ready
  • Want it fitted? Do you live in Essex we can install this for you. If you have a prepared fire chamber/opening fitting including a fully lined flue system is £3380. This includes the stove and parts. Hearths, Mantles and building work is not included.

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