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Made by Contura

The Contua i1 Cassette

Mr Sweep Rating 9: Out of 10

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Mr Sweep Says

The cast iron Contura i1 is available with 3-sided and 4-sided frames. It is compact and sturdy, with a clean, stylish design that feels at home in both modern and traditional homes. It is the perfect choice for everybody who wants the warm, cozy feeling and at the same time save space.Compared to an open fireplace, the Contura 110 and Contura i1 offer more efficient heating. An open fire usually draws more heat from a room than it adds. With Contura 110 and Contura i1 heat is emitted through the glass door. Your heat economy improves, with higher efficiency and more modern combustion technology.

Price £2795.00


Heating area 120m2

Nominal Output 5kW

Output range 3-7kW nominally tested at 5kW

Dimensions H550mm W480mm D350mm

Net Weight 68kg

System efficiency class A*

Efficiency 80%

Chimney Connection -Above


Included in Package

  • Provide and install the above stove.
  • Supply and install a 316/316 stainless steel 125 Flue liner.
  • Supply and install 5-5 Flue adapter.
  • Supply and install all flue clamps.
  • Provide and install a multi fuel pot hanging cowl.
  • Supply a bespoke MADE TO MEASURE register plate.
  • Paint the register plate with stove paint black.
  • Supply and install all stove pipe.
  • Supply all rope and glue required.
  • Provide and install all vitreous pipe needed.
  • Supply and fit a 7-10 year carbon monoxide alarm.
  • Supply and fit engraved data plate (HETAS/Council requirement)
  • Preform a cold pressure test of the stove.
  • Perform a hot spillage test of the stove.
  • Commission the stove.
  • Demonstrate lighting techniques and controlling the fire before hand over of the stove.
  • Provide a HETAS registration certificate.

Excluded from Package

  • As we do not have a waste disposal or carriers licence, we do not remove rubble.
  • Any extra building work needed is not included in this package.

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