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Made by Contura

The Contura 870 Style

Mr Sweep Rating 10: Out of 10

Heat output


Mr Sweep Says

My First 10/10 stove. The RED DOT award says that this stove is the best in the world, frankly i agree. The pedestal style just gives it that bit more height, making the sculptured look captivating even when its not on.

Price £3510.00


Fuel type-wood burning

Output Range 3kW – 7kW (nominally tested at 5kW)

Optional Turntable option at added cost

Energy Rating A+

Efficiency 81%

Dimensions H1100mm W465mm D365mm

Net weight 85kg


Included in Package

  • Provide and install the above stove.
  • Supply and install a 316/316 stainless steel 125 Flue liner.
  • Supply and install 5-5 Flue adapter.
  • Supply and install all flue clamps.
  • Provide and install a multi fuel pot hanging cowl.
  • Supply a bespoke MADE TO MEASURE register plate.
  • Paint the register plate with stove paint black.
  • Supply and install all stove pipe.
  • Supply all rope and glue required.
  • Provide and install all vitreous pipe needed.
  • Supply and fit a 7-10 year carbon monoxide alarm.
  • Supply and fit engraved data plate (HETAS/Council requirement)
  • Preform a cold pressure test of the stove.
  • Perform a hot spillage test of the stove.
  • Commission the stove.
  • Demonstrate lighting techniques and controlling the fire before hand over of the stove.
  • Provide a HETAS registration certificate.

Excluded from Package

  • As we do not have a waste disposal or carriers licence, we do not remove rubble.
  • Any extra building work needed is not included in this package.

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